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Silent Percussion Sticks


Low volume with a great stick feel!

The Percussion stick is our thinnest and lightest stick. A great balance, good control, and, as with all our silent sticks, the durable Dual-Twist-Reflex-Tip, this is the best choice not only for regular drums, but all hand drums.


Beater & Silent-E-Sticks Set


Play e-drums, with style, minus noise. As set with beater.

Want to reduce the volume of your e-drums and pads? Yes, we do have a specialized e-drum stick for you! With 15 mm shaft the stick has the same thickness at the handle as a regular 5A stick. This is our sickest – err, thickest stick ever! Coming in a flashing blue, with a softer tip that is specially adjusted to the bouncy mesh heads and pads, the Silent-E-Stick

With Silent Sticks you keep the feel – especially with the new larger-diameter shaft with anti-slip X-Grips – and the tone but cut the volume by +/- 50%. Our exclusive Dual-Twist Reflex Tip® is the magic. Incl. Silent Beater.

This version has a bigger and a bit heavier shaft than the regular version.

Soft Rods


Beech Soft Rods with vulcanized soft caoutchouc core for sensible play with warm, soft sound.

ToneAlly Design 5


The ‘ToneAlly’ is the world’s first percussion teaching tool which focuses on the vertical movement of the drum stick or beater. TheToneAlly’ trains your drum stroke to follow the correct trajectory. This improves the learner’s understanding of technique and enables the practitioner to become a master of stick control.