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Profit from our success with Adoro Silent Sticks! Our Sticks and Beater reduce drum volume by a whopping 80% (on e-drums they reduce the whack of the pads and improve the longevity of pads – especially kick and cymbal pads!). Lasting way longer than rods, up to 10dB less loud than regular sticks.

Entry offer: for each dealer we offer a set with

• 10 different pairs of Silent Sticks and
• three Silent Beater

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($27 off from regular retail price!)

You get: ASS (2x), SSX (4x), SSE (2x), SPS (2x), ASB-M (1x), ASB-F (2x)

(Display not included)

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With air-filled polycarbonate shafts, anti-slip rubber X- grips and Dual-Twist Reflex TipsTM, Silent Sticks cut drum and cymbal volume up to 80%. Ideal for worship, jazz and acoustic band settings, electronic drums, pad practice, band rehearsals, home practice, recording…. Wherever volume is a concern, play Silent Sticks and Silent Beater!

Product overview

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Silent Percussion Sticks • SKU ASS • 11mm grip, tight, hard nylon tip
Our classic – the original Adoro Silent Stick! Light stick for low volume play on drums and hand percussions. RRP $20

Silent Sticks X-Thick • SKU SSX • 14,5mm grip, hard nylon tip
Our bestseller – the most popular Adoro Silent Stick! Significantly thicker, firm grip feel that is as close to a stick as possible. RRP $24

Silent E-Sticks • SKU SSE • 15,5mm soft grip, medium hard nylon tip
Our e-drum stick – with a softer grip and tip, specially optimized for rubber pads. Soft blue handle, minimizes shocks. RRP $24

NEW!    Silent Sticks Signature • SKU SPS • 16,5mm soft grip, medium hard tip  
our thickest – soft red grip, reduces vibrations, is therefore also very suitable for players with joint pain.
Artist: Scott Pellegrom (USA) RRP $29

Silent E-Beater • SKU ASB-M • 6,2mm metal shaft, soft
for kick pads, cajons etc. • the quietest beater on the market!
Each incl. 2 pads for quick exchange: a soft pad for even less volume and a teflon pad to minimize friction on meshheads.
RRP $26

Silent Beater • SKU ASB-F • 6 mm
Fiber-Schaft, hard, for acoustic drums
Each incl. 2 pads for quick exchange: a soft pad for even less volume and a teflon pad to minimize friction on meshheads.
RRP $25

why Silent Sticks & Beater?

The Silent Sticks sell well with many retailers, as this is not just another variant of sticks, but a whole new product which complements the existing products. Drummers will not buy these instead of regular sticks, but add them to their repertoire. Also, the beaters are selling surprisingly well. Being the best solution available not just for sticks but also for beaters, the bass drum beaters outsell most other beaters by far. On Amazon Germany, the silent sticks usually range in the top 10 of sticks sold and have excellent reviews.