this is what our customers say about Adoro Silent Sticks:

Playing drums low volume has never been this easy! Forget low volumy cymbals, mesh heads, rods, e-drums – simply change  sticks & beater and play 80% less loud.

Even more, we refund your purchase when you are not 100% satisfied*. Check it out today!

*) to qualify for refund, return the sticks within 14 days after receiving. No strings attached.

Wherever volume is a concern, play Silent Sticks and Silent Beater!


We offer 4 different models:


Scott Pellegrom
Signature Sticks

Want to reduce the volume of your (e-)drums and pads? With 16.5mm shaft the stick has the same thickness at the handle as a regular 5B stick. This is our sickest – err, thickest stick ever! Coming in a flashing red, with a softer tip that is specially adjusted to the bouncy mesh heads and pads. Rubber anti-slip X-Grips pretty much eliminate losing sticks during rapid timbal fills or busy clavé patterns. Check out what our artists Scott Pellegrom can do with these sticks!

...and two bass drum beater


Beater & Silent-A-Sticks Set

The Silent Beater with fiber shaft has a small head that delivers low volume with punch. Or, add the shock-absorbing impact pad (included) to further soften that punch and lessen the volume even more. Great also for cajons.

Fits all bass drum

The SSX Sticks are ideal for acoustic drums and cymbals and great on anything else, the firm nylon Dual Loop Reflex TipsTM of this model bend slightly upon impact to cut volume yet also deliver surprisingly crisp attack and definition with a natural feel.

Product comparison - what's different?

You will be surprised how much better you can play low volume – and kee a great sound – using Silent Sticks & beaters.

To improve your drum sound when playing low volume, here are 7 great tips for every drummer

Product comparison - what's different?

Silent Percussion Sticks (ASS) – 11mm shaft (click to buy)

Silent Sticks Thick X-Grip (SSX) – 14.5mm shaft, hard grip (click 2 buy)
Our best selling silent stick, for a firm grip. About the size of a 5A Stick

Silent-E-Sticks (SSE) – 15.5mm shaft, soft grip & tip (click 2 buy)
Great for hard rubber pads, but also for drummers struggeling with wrist issues.

NEW: Scott Pellegrom Signature Sticks (SPS) – 16.5mm shaft and soft grip (click 2 buy)
– our thickest stick, also great for drummers struggeling with wrist issues.

Adoro Silent Beater (ASB-M) with flexible shaft for impact reduction, for pads.
The shaft is just flexible enough to make this the most quiet bass drum beater on the market!

Adoro Silent Beater (ASB-F) with fiber shaft, for acoustic drums, extra durable

why Silent Sticks & Beater?

Playing in acoustic settings?

With drum and cymbal volume cut at least 80%, Silent Sticks let you play in acoustic and volume-sensitive settings with ease.

Drumming in a worship band?

With Silent Sticks there is no need for expensive plexi cages, electronic drums or amplification. Cut your volume in half while cutting out the cost of being quiet.

Drums too loud?

Not with Silent Sticks. By cutting volume 80% or more, they let you relax and focus on your practicing or playing instead of holding back. Too loud? Never!

Want better stage sound?​

When the drummer gets loud, the band turns up…and the audience turns off. Getting the right volume onstage with Silent Sticks means a better sound out front.

Want to reduce e-drum pad ‘thwack’?​

Are the neighbours complaining and your family going crazy because of drum volume or stick ‘thwack’ on e-drum pads? The bendy reflex tips of Silent Sticks cut that annoying noise.

Want more gigs?​

The last time a band told you to play louder was when? Never, right? They want dynamics, not loudness. Cut your volume with Silent Sticks and audiences will love you too.