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Silent Percussion Sticks

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Low volume with a great stick feel!

The Percussion stick is our thinnest and lightest stick. A great balance, good control, and, as with all our silent sticks, the durable Dual-Twist-Reflex-Tip, this is the best choice not only for regular drums, but all hand drums.

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Low volume with a great stick feel!

The Percussion stick is our thinnest and lightest stick. A great balance, good control, and, as with all our silent sticks, the durable Dual-Twist-Reflex-Tip, this is the best choice not only for regular drums, but all hand drums.

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Dimensions 16 × 1 × 0.5 pouce




9 avis pour Silent Percussion Sticks

  1. Chad Fisher

    Just great!

    I received the sticks a while ago and have used them at several rehearsals since. We rehearse in a small, low-ceiling basement and my bandmates have been constantly on me to play quieter at these practice sessions even to the point of suggesting putting towels all over the kit which I won’t do. That really screws up the sound and bounce of the drum so I (we) were hoping that the Silent Sticks would help solve the problem. They really, really did and are great at taking the volume way down while allowing me to play hard with the same force as I would in a live performance where more volume is okay. A great product!

  2. Adam Zalewski

    Love them!

    These sticks have a similar feel to normal sticks, but with a substantial decrease in volume. The closest alternative to these are rods, but my main gripe with rods is that you can’t even get air through the drum when playing toms. With these silent sticks, however, you get a much fuller feel on the toms and you can also get a solid rim shot on the snare without hurting everyone’s ears. I have only had them for a few weeks, but they seem that they will be much more durable than rods as well. I am very happy with them and I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs to reduce the volume of their playing for difficult acoustic environments. These will put the fun back into playing quiet!

  3. Chris Proctor

    I bought a pair to try at church and they’re awesome! I was playing with sticks, meaning they didn’t put me in the house mix because I’m out in the open, no plexiglass shield. Anyway, these sticks brought the volume down to the point i could be added to the mix and they have a sharper sound than the mush I got with hot rods. The bands happier with me too!?

  4. Tom Alteen

    According to Google Translate, Adoro is Spanish for “I like” and I do like these sticks.

    I initially thought the Silent Sticks were a little pricey and on that basis was thinking that a rating of four rhythm spots was more appropriate; but when you think that the sticks are also a dampening system, the price is a bargain.

    After a bit of experimentation with the Adoro sticks, I had an epiphany. The unique tip design and light weight of the Silent Sticks permits carefully, quietly, playing on many surfaces without leaving perceptable dents and marks. Also, they permit quieter playing so are less likely to annoy others. (While I don’t recommend this, I tested this by gently tapping on my desk and coffee mug; the floors, doors, and walls in my home. Next, I experimented by using the Silent Sticks to produce brighter sounds on by beloved hand and tank drums—I would never play these instruments with traditional drumsticks.)

    So, I can envision using the Adoro Silent Sticks on a practice pad late at night or in a hotel room when I am on the road. I also think I may use them creatively in the studio to produce unique sounds on various percussion instruments. I now feel that the Adoro Silent Sticks offer great value for the money because they not only can be used on a drum kit for quieter practices, in small venues, in churches, etc., but can also be used creatively on other percussion instruments to produce interesting effects.

    In summary, the Adoro Silent Sticks are a welcomed addition to my drumstick bag along with my collection of traditional wood drumsticks, dowel sticks, mallets, brushes, etc. They augment my stick collection but are not a complete substitute for traditional drumsticks. You’ll still need a set of wood sticks for large venues and for playing drum patterns incorporating side sticking and rim shots.

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  5. Marco Noto

    Mine were shipped very quickly. The thin version is a little too small for my hands but workable. May try the larger size.

  6. Chris Sheppard

    I LOVE THE SILENT STICKS!! Just played my first full gig with them at a local Craft Brewery and we had a blast AND I played fully “free”! Decided to buy another pair as a back up.

  7. Sean Ibanez

    I actually really like these. Gave em a shot when they came up in my feed. Figured a few bucks wasn’t a big deal if I didn’t like them. They’re a little more flexible than i was expecting, but it’s easy to adjust to. They’re slim and light, i think a bit thinner than my 7a sticks. It lets me practice rudiments after my 5y/o goes to bed. It’s going to make a big difference for me.

  8. Greg Mrakich

    These sticks are great. Feel great. Low volume but still you get tone from drums and cymbals. I’m a hack, but at least not a loud hack

  9. Nate Monyer

    My son is 10 and really into drumming, he plays at least 3 times a day with these and they lasted us 3 months. Just ordered a new pair that I hope last longer but at least he enjoys them and keeps playing! We are going to try the beater now too.

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