Adoro Worship Series Walnut (20″ kick)


Worship Set w/100% Walnut Shells!

Silk Finish

5piece Shell Set:

20×16″ Bass Drum, 6mm, with warm and rich sound

13×6″ Snare Drum, 5mm, Super Hoops, custom phosphor bronze snare wire. Huge tuning range, warm character.

10×6″ & 12×7″ Toms, 5mm, with suspension mounts and tom mounts for L-rod-mount from 9,5mm, incl. tom holder. Very resonant and with high tuning range.

14×11″ Floor Tom, 5mm. This floortom sounds warm and deep, and thanks to the shallow size controlled and tonal well defined. The sound character stays true acoustically over wide distances.

Thanks to the shallow shells the drum kit responds quickly and precise. All shells come with individually cut 45° bearing edges, manually sanded, a bit rounded on batter side. Mellow and warm sound guaranteed! The 18″ Bassdrum sounds round and not too intrusive. Over all a well balanced, open, warm and defensive sound, as sought after in rock and jazz music. In direct comparison with the maple kit, the walnut shells have a bit less attack and a bit more bottom, especially the bassdrum, which makes it the first choice for really bright sounding rooms like churches or theaters.

Drum Heads:

Adoro Heritage / Classic SD (Toms), SD Coated/ Heritage (Bass Drum), Heritage / Resonance (Snare)
Recommended for long sustain and reduced attack, perfect for bright sounding rooms.


Perfect volume control

"Adoro" signifie "j'adore" en espagnol. La série Worship est en fait destinée à l'adoration : des batteries pour les groupes de louange et les événements avec un petit public où les batteries ne sont pas complètement amplifiés, et où un bon son de scène à faible volume est nécessaire.

L'idée derrière la série Worship était de construire une ligne de batterie qui peut être jouée à un volume très bas, ce qui donne un son plein et bien équilibré. Lors des concerts de louange (ainsi que dans les clubs ou tout autre petit événement), la batterie est souvent l'instrument le plus bruyant et ne peut être captée directement par les microphones.

La plus grande tâche du batteur est de jouer à un volume aussi bas que possible, ce qui peut entraîner un mauvais jeu, mais également un mauvais son: les batteries sont généralement conçues pour les grandes scènes, où l'on peut jouer aussi fort que l'on veut, et non pour les petits clubs et les lieux de culte.

Un kit de batterie bien équilibré et à faible volume profite également au son de la scène. Il devient plus facile de s'entendre et de s'écouter les uns les autres. Ainsi, dans les situations où ce n'est pas le batteur mais le fidèle qui dirige, et où la musique est souvent improvisée, vous bénéficiez vraiment d'un son transparent et chaleureux qui permet de tout entendre.

Même lorsqu'elle est jouée fort, la série Adoro Worship est toujours reconnaissable à un volume plus faible, et s'intègre donc beaucoup mieux dans le concept sonore global : une batterie avec le son acoustique d'un kit amplifié bien équilibré.

What customers have to say:

Calum Rees (Brian Doerksen): “My Adoro drums have quickly become the most requested set-up for both recording sessions and live events. They have a focused tone with an extremely broad range of tuning capabilities resulting in a very flexible instrument. My 20 kick catches both recording and live engineers off their guard, with that quizzical first look at the ‘small’ kick i’ve brought along turning into a huge beaming smile upon the first ‘boom’! It is also just as effective in a more muted, intimate jazz/fusion musical situation. Live engineers will love the control of the source sound at their disposal, enabling them to present a big open roomy sound or a more focused processed sound, with flexibility all the way between. I’ve yet to find an musical situation where these drums do not excel. I heartily recommend Stefan and the Adoro team to anyone who is looking for a top quality instrument that will both inspire and produce fantastic results. Churches should also look into investing into these drums before shutting their drummers away behind that dreaded perspex screen. The drum construction enables a full tone without the need for heavy hitting, and your drummers will be thankful for an instrument that can convey every nuance in their playing. If they are lacking somewhat in the nuance department then these drums will help them find it! Playing an Adoro set of drums inspires me to further my ability and discover more of the drummer I could be… plus I really like the green sparkle finish!” (Calum Rees)

Lance Spratt (Audio Engineer): “I was first introduced to your drums by Calum a number of years ago when I first started mixing live sound for Brian Doerksen. The venue seated around 2000 people, and I was a bit hesitant with the kit that Calum had brought to the gig. It was relatively small in comparison to other kits comm get the kit to sound the way I wanted, and b) that I wasn’t having to accommodate or work around the levels coming from the stage. The kit fit in the mix really nicely, and didn’t seem to acoustically engage the rooms we played near as much, whether the rooms were large or small, acoustically challenging or not. When reviewing live recordings, it was clear that there was less bleed into the vocal mics than I was accustomed to. So far, a very positive experience from a FOH engineering perspective. And when it was time to let’r’rip and let the animal out of the cage, Calum and his little Adoro kit could rock and roll with BIG sound that never became obnoxious. Perfect! Speaking of cages and drum shields, the rider specifically requests that the venue remove it from the stage…because we don’t need it! From an audio engineers perspective, I can’t think why a church wouldn’t want an Adoro kit in their room. It doesn’t interact with the room near as much as other kits, creates less level on the stage, and therefore doesn’t interfere with monitor mixes or bleed into open mics, eliminates the need for a shield or cage, and takes up less space, while still capable of working well for a broad range or musical requirements. I can’t speak to why or how churches are buying drums, but I wholeheartedly back the use of the Adoro drums whether in church, or other live sound settings. And the fact that Calum Rees endorses them, confirms for me that.”


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