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do Sticks?

Playing in acoustic settings?

With drum and cymbal volume cut at least 50%, Silent Sticks let you play in acoustic and volume-sensitive settings with ease.

Drumming in a worship band?

With Silent Sticks there is no need for expensive plexi cages, electronic drums or amplification. Cut your volume in half while cutting out the cost of being quiet.

Drums too loud?

Not with Silent Sticks. By cutting volume 50% or more, they let you relax and focus on your practicing or playing instead of holding back. Too loud? Never!

Want better stage sound?​

When the drummer gets loud, the band turns up…and the audience turns off. Getting the right volume onstage with Silent Sticks means a better sound out front.

Want to reduce e-drum pad ‘thwack’?​

Are the neighbours complaining and your family going crazy because of drum volume or stick ‘thwack’ on e-drum pads? The bendy reflex tips of Silent Sticks cut that annoying noise.

Want more gigs?​

The last time a band told you to play louder was when? Never, right? They want dynamics, not loudness. Cut your volume with Silent Sticks and audiences will love you too.

With air-filled polycarbonate shafts, anti-slip rubber X- grips and Dual-Twist Reflex TipsTM, Silent Sticks cut drum and cymbal volume by 50% or more. Ideal for worship, jazz and acoustic band settings, electronic drums, pad practice, band rehearsals, home practice, recording…. Wherever volume is a concern, play Silent Sticks and Silent Beater to cut it by 50% or more.

Silent Percussion Sticks

The Silent P Stick for percussion is our thinnest and lightest stick, with its stiff but flexible Dual Loop Reflex TipTM design making it great for playing intricate rhythms with controlled dynamics on everything from cowbells to hand drums. Rubber anti-slip X-Grips pretty much eliminate losing sticks during rapid timbal fills or busy clavé patterns.

why Beater?

Meet the perfect companion to our Silent Sticks: The Silent Beater.

This bassdrum beater is quieter than any other beater on the market. The special materials used provide low mass, which results in less force beeing transferred to your drum. This means that you don’t have to adapt any other playing style, just mount the Stilent Beater and your bassdrum will have a significantly lower volume instantly. We are also shipping our beater with an additional special foam pad, in case you want even more volume reduction and a softer sound of your drum. Our Silent Beater is compatible with every standard bassdrum pedal. 

Especially great for edrums and percussive instruments, this beater keeps the instruments from breaking.

Don’t be selfish – not only you can use silent sticks, your friends might need them too! Sharing is caring!

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What customers say…

* * *

“I received the sticks a while ago and have used them at several rehearsals since. We rehearse in a small, low-ceiling basement and my bandmates have been constantly on me to play quieter at these practice sessions even to the point of suggesting putting towels all over the kit which I won’t do. That really screws up the sound and bounce of the drum so I (we) were hoping that the Silent Sticks would help solve the problem. They really, really did and are great at taking the volume way down while allowing me to play hard with the same force as I would in a live performance where more volume is okay. A great product!”
Charles Fisher, USA

* * *

“I just love the feel and weight of these Silent Sticks! To me they are somewhere in between playing a brush and a conventional stick. I am now using them with my students and at a Primary School where I teach. The kids love them too. Really easy on the ears in the classroom too. Highly recommended!”
Tony McNally
(Advanced Skills Teacher for Music, UK)

* * *

“Shipping was fast, and after first sceptism my excitement grew. These sticks really deliver what they promise! I can play so quiet, I can keep talking during my drum clinics and explain what I am doing without a mike. Also, they sound great, like sticks, just less loud. I love them!”
Andy Graham


* * *

Love them! These sticks have a similar feel to normal sticks, but with a substantial decrease in volume. The closest alternative to these are rods, but my main gripe with rods is that you can’t even get air through the drum when playing toms. With these silent sticks, however, you get a much fuller feel on the toms and you can also get a solid rim shot on the snare without hurting everyone’s ears. I have only had them for a few weeks, but they seem that they will be much more durable than rods as well. I am very happy with them and I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs to reduce the volume of their playing for difficult acoustic environments. These will put the fun back into playing quiet!
Adam Zalewski

Worship Series Drums =
Ideal Volume + Total Tone ​

When volume goes down, tone comes up. You can cut your volume +/-50% with Silent Sticks and Bass Beater. But to permanently avoid the need to ‘play quieter’ or ‘turn down’, there is Adoro Worship Series – innovatively designed, handcrafted drums. Their Volume Reducing + Tone Boosting Design® lets you play at any power with Silent Sticks and the Responsive Sensitive Shells® sing with full, warm tone. Use your regular drumsticks and there is still considerably less volume and more tone compared to other drums. With ideal volume and total tone, Adoro Worship = groove in comfort, sound great and never be too loud.