6×13 Adoro Worship Walnut Snare


13×6 Adoro Worship Series Snare Drum
4mm Thin Walnut Shell in Silk Finish
Custom Bronze Snarewires
Adoro Heritage (batter) and Adoro Resonance (reso) Drumheads

This snaredrum is our best selling product. With a rich and warm sound paired with a awesome tuning range, great response and sensitive snare wire approach.

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With our Worship Series Walnut Snare we have designed an absolute workhouse snare in 13″ that always sounds warm, fat and dynamic and is easy to handle.

We achieved this by using extremely thin, high quality walnut shells. These shells have a significantly lower basic tone, resonate excellently, and reproduce a lot of low-frequencies. The harmonic spectrum of rimshots is also positively influenced by the shell construction. Sure, like all Adoro drums, the 13 “worship walnut snares can really sing, but the overtone spectrum always remains in a pleasant, musical range and is easy to control. The sound never become uncomfortably cracky, but always remain full, warm and woody, even when they are pitched very high and funky.

The basic sound characteristics of the 13 “Worship Walnut Snare also enable the instrument to be tuned easily. The thin shells of the Adoro Worship Series have a distinctive body and tone, that can hardly be stifled, no matter how sloppy the tune. The sound always stays full, with a fat tone and excellent dynamics.


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